1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    we have two BB Classic's coming from 9790's and others before

    One wakes the screen 50% of the time, either straight away or after 25 seconds, before the screen fade kicks in again. We have missed call like this, trying to get it to wake up .. swiping, clicking top button, selecting button to answer call have all been tried.

    the other either doesn't wake up or if it does, it just hangs for ages after the call so is bascially unusable

    BB Support is basically useless, I have a ticket raised, uploaded logs, nothing, no help

    So, missed calls, hanging screens, slow wake ups, make this unusable, and after 10 years of being a BB user, have to consider moving away.

    Charging whilst off doesn't happen (can live with this tho using bedside mode)

    All in all very very disappointed with this sluggish, temperamental phone ..

    Their contact details are basically "speak to your providor" which is unhelpful, when BB are more likely to have the answers as it is their phone ..

    Two faulty phones .. am i just unlucky ??? someone tell me before i dump my BB for good, as we are basically without phones now as they cant be relied on
    01-27-15 04:17 AM
  2. Q90's Avatar
    am i just unlucky ?
    nope. you are lucky.
    It's the god's way of warning you to not to shell out your time and money on blackberry.
    consider moving away.

    /or try reloading OS via desktop suite
    /or device wipe
    01-27-15 05:37 AM

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