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    Hello guys, im Alex from Nigeria, please im having this issue. I have a blackberry Q5 where I run a BBM channel with one of the largest subscriber in my country 18, 7000 subscriber. So I bought a blackberry Curve 8 last week where I was trying to move my Blackberry ID on this new phone. so I logged in my ID on the new phone and I was able to login to the new phone and run my channel on the new phone.

    On my old phone I tried logging in a new blackberry ID so I could be using another set of bbm on this but for me to have the greatest shock of my live, as I entertered another username and logged in instead of seeing a fresh new bbm and settings, my old blackberry ID with my channel swapped device again. I took my new phone again tried my bbm it has logged me out then i was asked to login again which I did.

    When I tried logging in another blackberry ID on my old phone my ID got swapped again and this continued for like for 4 times. Awkward.!

    So finally I swapped device back to my new channel and then I got the greatest shock of my live that the username/email im trying to use on my device diesnt exist and it us not associated with any blackberry account. I was shocked and speechless I quickly wen to my laptop to visit blackberry site where I could login my ID to change my password if its a case of forgotten password then I got the error that the email/username doesnt exist so I couldnt generate a new password since my email isnt in their database.

    Now my channel hasnt been deleted to my greatest surprise, I have worked 7 good months to get this very high subscribers on my phone and I cant see it go like this. Comments and likes are still coming in on my channel when I visit it from friends phones but no admin to moderate or add a new post to it.

    Blackberry help sucks that I was just able to chat with them via twitter handle and typing 160 characters or so per reply, no email or phone number to talk my problem to blackberry so they could understand me. That really sucks considering that Nigeria has one of the highest users of a blackberry in the world. I wss helpless and hopeless and after a week I gave up.

    Im on here on crackberry seeking help of how I could contact blackberry and verify my ownership so I could claim my bbm channel maybe they can attach it to another blackberry ID im using becos I cant access my blackberry ID as admin and its very frustrating.

    Thats my story guys, I really need help.
    10-18-14 12:14 AM
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    What a mess! Unfortunately, you didn't create a new BBID, but only changed the email on your old one. To create a new BBID requires starting fresh on the phone. Either a security wipe, or new OS install via autoloader.

    As for recovering your channel, I'm not sure it's possible at this point unfortunately. Maybe someone else can provide some assistance.
    10-18-14 12:33 AM

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