1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar

    I just upgraded to beta OS, which seems to be very good and stable for me. My only problem is that after a restart it 'forgets' everything - language setup, background, installed apps.
    My questions are:
    - Can this be bypassed some way?
    - If not, which is the latest beta which works without this 'feature'?
    10-23-14 02:21 AM
  2. todparsons's Avatar
    If reboots don't fix this I believe the only way is to load the OS again. If you have to restore things I'd recommend using an autoloader then restoring via link rather than doing non-destructive. Also restore as little as possible for even less chance of problems. I did a security wipe then used an autoloader with no restore and so far so good for me however you could wait for someone who knows more about this issue. (sorry for life story)

    Posted with my z10 stl100-2 running
    10-23-14 02:58 AM

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