1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    I've sent a bbm message but it only appears as a tick, has been for a couple of days now. Can my contact have deleted the message without reading? Contact is still listed as a contact so don't understand why message is still a tick and not delivered or read.
    06-01-15 03:11 AM
  2. kalonjie's Avatar
    Maybe they got a new phone and didn't setup BBM or they read most of the msg in HUB without selecting it then delete it

    Posted via CB10
    06-01-15 05:23 AM
  3. JamBueree's Avatar
    Well for starters, the message wasn't even delivered, so they couldn't even have deleted it.

    Second, maybe the app is closed (Assuming it's iOS or Android). If the app is closed for these, there are times when it won't deliver until they open it.

    Thirdly, a possibility could also be the post right above this.

    Posted via  Z30 STA100-2 |
    06-01-15 07:07 AM

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