1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    After putting the battery the indicator goes on and off rapidly... And the display don't show up... I checked the battery on other z10 devices..it works fine..what problem is this ?
    10-21-14 12:33 PM
  2. Warlack's Avatar
    What indicator? The red LED? Tell us how it blinks... those are error codes that could help us solve the issue

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    10-21-14 12:50 PM
  3. Rafakat Sikder's Avatar
    Here's how it blinks - first one time and after 1 sec. it continuously blinks 6 times.then it went off for 2-3 seconds..it is happening periodically. Any kind of help will be appreciated......
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    10-21-14 01:14 PM
  4. Warlack's Avatar

    Seems more like it would be trying to load.... hopefully someone else has better insight into what is happening

    I have just found LED error codes for legacy devices....

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    10-21-14 02:50 PM

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