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    I'm facing with some problems since I bought BlackBerry z10 (bought on July 2014). I went to the BlackBerry centre few times and the the last time is on November 2015. The customer service assistant was rude, she accuse me that I downloaded apps from other than the BlackBerry world. Which I'm not. After receive my phone for the last time, it's still doesn't perform well but didn't have much to complaint plus I hate to go there again as their service was bad. For your information, I don't use my phone 24hr or left charged overnight. I always take a good care of my phone because I love them so much and they were part of me. I bought this phone because my BlackBerry 9300 with me for so long and I thought to try another BlackBerry with much to explore. Now with the new os, my phone easily turn off whenever it wants, sound/speaker doesn't work at all (need earphone), high temperature all the time, most of the apps not compatible with my phone. Just deleted some of the apps. I use to snap pictures by tapping anywhere on the screen. But, with the new integrated software I need to tap on the 'capture button'. I have no idea why the new os totally downgrade my phone. Now I'm losing hope. I wish BlackBerry was better than this.
    03-01-15 09:44 AM
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    So... You have two issues:
    • Rude tech center person;
    • You don't like the fact the camera now has a shutter buttom

    Nothing you can do about the camera. The tech center, you can complain directly to the manager as well as shout to @BlackBerry and @BlackBerryHelp on how poorly they treat people (include the address so they can know who to call).

    If you have any other software issues, I strongly suggest you backup your apps using BlackBerry Link (not the BlackBerry runtime though - do a custom backup) and then use an autoloader (get the right device model one so you don't brick your phone) and sstart fresh. Then if you want, you can restore your apps.
    PS: Please please please next time use the "enter" key! walls of text are so hard to read!
    03-01-15 09:52 AM

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