1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    The screen is blank
    03-03-15 02:24 PM
  2. Tamellingham's Avatar
    I get sound, no picture.

    Any ideas anyone?
    03-05-15 09:28 AM
  3. gpktom's Avatar
    How is this not more of an issue??
    I have exactly the same problem. I struggle to understand how you can take so long to release an update yet still have so many things go wrong. What a gd joke.

    Posted via CB10
    03-06-15 10:41 AM
  4. gpktom's Avatar
    OP, perhaps you want to change the title of thread to grab more attention...

    Posted via CB10
    03-06-15 10:42 AM
  5. Lotster's Avatar
    Hi guys. There are already several threads on these forums addressing this same issue. But here's the fix anyway. In the Videos app, tap the button in the bottom left corner of the screen. Then select any other option. Now try playing the video. It will work. You can now set it to anything else, even the original setting, and it will still work. I don't know why it does that, but I had the same thing and figured it out. Enjoy!

    Z30, CB10. www.humbleitblog.co.za
    gpktom likes this.
    03-06-15 11:34 AM
  6. gpktom's Avatar
    Thanks buddy. The search feature doesn't always yield the desired results. I'll test it out.
    Much appreciated.

    Posted via CB10
    03-06-15 01:52 PM
  7. gpktom's Avatar
    Worked. Thanks.

    Posted via CB10
    03-06-15 02:13 PM
  8. Lotster's Avatar
    Cool, as long as it's sorted!

    Z30, CB10. www.humbleitblog.co.za
    03-07-15 01:33 PM

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