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    Hi guys, I am a newbie so pls go soft on me if I am posting on wrong thread.

    So I got my Q10. In India on Idea cellular. I was notified of 10.2 update. I updated via wifi. But however I tried I wasn't unable to upgrade to 10.3.1 . I tried formatting the phone. I was able to get a 18Mb update for 10.2 only. I tried all the methods.
    1. BlackBerry Link
    2. Update check on OTA in settings
    3. Using browser

    None of them worked. Is there anyway I can update rather than going to service centre ( which is around half days journey away)

    Thanks in advance.

    Posted via CB10
    06-30-15 03:21 AM
  2. KemKev's Avatar
    Call your carrier and find out what is the current version pushed out by them. However, dependent on how comfortable you are with installing software on your phone, you can download an autoloader of the version of 10.3.1. that you want from the archives and update the OS yourself.


    If you are not familiar with using autoloaders, make sure the read the guide below before attempting. Needless to say, you should back up your phone as well!


    If you need help, lots of knowledgeable and willing people around here so do not be afraid to ask. Make sure to do some reading first though as that will prevent you asking some of the more routine questions that have been asked and answered many times before.
    06-30-15 04:57 AM

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