1. privport's Avatar
    I am enjoying my Blackberry Priv since July last year. Since a couple of days my phone vibraties on incoming calls, as usual, but not any notification is displayed on the screen so I am unable to pick up the phone. I have switches off power for more than an hour and restarted the device many times, unfortunately unsuccessful. Hope someone is help.
    01-13-17 08:19 AM
  2. anon(3732391)'s Avatar
    Well, as with most everything else on your device, you have to go into setting and set things up to your preferences.
    It's not uncommon that some previous setting change when you update your OS or download a new app.
    The best way to learn everything that your device has to offer and how to best use it is right in your HELP app.

    Just curious! . Where did you get the idea that simply turning off your device and restarting it several times would just magically
    fix your particular issue? You'd have just as much luck clicking your heals 3 times and saying "there's no place like home"
    and would save your device.from the extra abuse.
    01-14-17 09:10 AM

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