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    This morning my phone's alarm went off, as usual, but I couldn't "dismiss" it. I turned it off and back on and the alarm went off again and wouldn't turn off. I did a hard reset and I was still unable to dismiss the alarm. When I got back from work the battery had drained dry - strange, since it was on airplane mode - and I still can't unlock the phone. When I use the power button the screen lights up but gestures do not unlock it. I restored a backup and the same thing. I restored factory settings and now I see the setup page but I can't make a selection. Any ideas? I was planning to upgrade to the Passport when it's available from ATT, but I kinda need a phone between then and now.

    12-11-14 10:50 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Since you have not told us which phone it is, we are unable to give you complete information. However, if the touchscreen isn't working, maybe it needs to be disassembled and repaired. Have you called your carrier from whom you bought the phone to ask about it. Or have you called BlackBerry and started a help ticket?
    12-14-14 08:42 PM

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