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    So, I was at work. I checked my phone at one point and I had a text and replied and put my phone back in my pocket. After no more than half an hour, I tried to check my phone again but it was off and wouldn't turn back on. I thought this was funny as it wasn't on low battery but I tried plugging it in anyway for a good hour but nothing happened. I now have it plugged into my computer to see if that triggered anything in the hardware or something but nothing is happening. Is there anything I can do to get it back up and running or am I going to have to take it somewhere and pay a stupid amount to have it fixed?
    07-31-15 05:26 PM
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    Connect your device to your computer, open BlackBerry link and hit the ''reload the OS'' button (don't really know how it's called in English).
    Notice that if it works, all of your data will be deleted...

    Or maybe try with another charger, and with another battery.

    Posted via CB10
    07-31-15 05:58 PM

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