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    I was in winter wonderland (a Christmas themed theme park) and we went into this section called I e Kingdom with lots of ice sculptures. As the ice would otherwise melt, the room was literally a freezer. There was a thermometer that read -11c. I took a few photos on my blackberry bold (touchscreen one), that was on 100% battery. After about thirty seconds, it shut down due to the climate.
    On I got out and warmed up, my phone turned back on, but showed to be on 0% battery! It had drained the battery completely.
    Once I got home I tried charging it but since then it hasn't been able to turn on at all! I have changed the battery, left it on charge for about a week, n o t h i n g!
    Please help as It was quite an expensive phone.
    01-21-15 06:08 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    SO did you put your phone is rice to take out all the condensation and moisture?
    01-21-15 07:08 PM

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