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    I have a passport I purchased very shortly after the launch. It has been really good, but the last couple weeks the connection to the mobile network has become very weak. In places I always had service, I no longer do. I thought perhaps it was the carrier(telus) but my wife and son both have Z10s and their connection is just fine in the same places.

    I am not sure if there is anything that can be done, but I would welcome any suggestions.

    Thanks in advance.
    06-04-15 06:03 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Have you changed the OS since you got the phone?
    06-05-15 05:53 AM
  3. rthonpm's Avatar
    Have you checked to make sure the carrier isn't having issues? Even if some devices are working alright there may be a larger issue.

    Posted via CB10
    06-05-15 06:54 AM
  4. bh7171's Avatar
    Mine is doing exactly the same thing. This happened most noticeably after updating to 10.3.2. 440/680. Both my wife and my Z30 are 4G LTE almost full bars (T-Mobile) and my Passport vacillates between low 4G LTE, 4G and worse with voice only. I have done a few hard reboots and even went and got a new SIM on Thursday. I posted earlier in the Passport forum but have yet to hear from one of the Jedi masters here on the forums.

    Z30-simply the best touch screen BlackBerry
    06-06-15 06:04 PM

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