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    For years, my battery usage would be consistently around 50% per day. This week, it has started using 90% in 5 hours. Coincidentally (and I can't believe it's coincidence), this week I moved my phone from Bell Canada to Rogers. I can't think of any way that would be the cause, but as a test, I reinstalled the Bell SIM card: the battery drain is still precipitous. In airplane mode, location services off, and all windows closed, the drain is reduced, but still unusually quick. At this writing, with 32% battery remaining, it is estimating "<45 minutes".

    I have looked at the battery usage by app statistics, but find them difficult to interpret: e.g. how can they add up to more than 100%? In any event, the big users seem to be the display, system, browser, and PIM services.

    Is my battery fried? Does it have anything to do with the service provider? Could I have done something when I switched SIM cards? Could there be something in the background sucking up the juice?

    Thanks for your ideas,
    05-15-18 10:25 PM
  2. Paddle4Peace's Avatar
    PS. I also installed this week, but not until a day or two after the problems began.
    05-15-18 10:43 PM
  3. falbo's Avatar
    Are you both the Same person? Lol. Maybe you need a new battery. ;-)

    Posted via my Awesome passport
    05-16-18 02:03 AM
  4. CalSandi's Avatar
    Hopefully you can recover, but my advice - after going through the same issue recently - is to QUICKLY back up all data...but not with BlackBerry Link. There are other threads on the Classic forums that will give you autoloader links (aka wipe your device and reload OS), but be prepared that what looks like a battery issue is really a device issue. Good luck!

    Posted via CB10
    05-16-18 06:23 AM
  5. AladarMezga's Avatar
    Any sideloaded Android apps? I found Spotify app drains battery very quickly.

    (Bold9870 -> Bold 9900 -> Q10 )
    05-16-18 06:41 AM
  6. Paddle4Peace's Avatar
    PPS. I should also have mentioned that the Rogers signal strength appears to be fine: 5 bars.
    05-16-18 07:27 AM
  7. Paddle4Peace's Avatar
    05-16-18 07:28 AM
  8. Paddle4Peace's Avatar
    What do you mean when you say "what looks like a battery issue is really a device issue"?
    05-16-18 07:30 AM
  9. CalSandi's Avatar
    What do you mean when you say "what looks like a battery issue is really a device issue"?
    When my Classic battery began behaving like you reported, I searched the CB forums for help and answers. Consistently the answer was to reload the OS with an autoloader, since the OS was the supposed culprit forcing battery issues. I followed Conite's (and others') instructions for the link to the autoloader, could not get my Classic to work, had the local repair shop replace the battery but they could not get the autoloader to revive the device at all. Sadly, device is now a small brick.

    Posted via CB10
    05-16-18 08:09 AM
  10. Paddle4Peace's Avatar
    There's a happy ending to this story, but it turns out that it had nothing to do with the change in carrier. See this thread: https://forums.crackberry.com/blackb...-fast-1122178/
    05-20-18 09:02 PM
  11. Rootbrian's Avatar
    Solution for me was to kill the android runtime using "awesome launcher" (or any launcher for that matter, ads or not) via, "dev tools", twice. Monitor when it starts up again (easiest is to spot amazon application store), and kill it again until it shows as "idle". It'll last quite a while once killed.

    I do the same with my passport, besides my classic.

    Typed using my BlackBerry Passport running the latest QNX software release 10.3.3 on Freedom Mobile DC-HSPA+
    05-21-18 12:55 AM

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