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    Had trouble syncing and was frustrated by duplicate contact entries. So I bit the bullet and performed a full back up, after which i deleted all local contacts and calendar entries.

    My ALL contact total is "684"

    Linkedin is 359
    FaceBook is 162
    Twitter is 212
    BBM is 1 (plus 1 if the BBM video contact is counted twice)
    other categories are all - 0

    My math says that I should have 733 contacts.

    Clearly even combing any two categories, doe not yield the ALL total that BB would like to suggest. I also toggled the "auto merge" feature in the settings, the numbers remained constant.

    Even if I include the few entries inserted by Verizon for account balance etc., don't account for the difference. Any thoughts as to my mystery contacts?
    04-16-15 10:57 AM

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