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    Starting today, when I make/receive calls, I cannot hear anything, not even the ringing. It works fine if I use headphones or put it on speaker but otherwise nothing. Music plays fine, however.
    I don't have the free flash light apps that seem to have caused this for others. I have no additional apps installed. I've tried the soft and hard resets. I removed and replaced the SIM and nothing seems to work.

    This may be unrelated but I'll add it just in case:
    For one contact, some of their texts start with [Receiving text] and then the latter portion of the message. This only happens with the one person and I never end up receiving the text. The affected texts are when they are giving me a date, but this has not happened in the past. They have an s5. I can send/receive texts from others and it's perfectly fine.

    If anyone could shed some light it'd be much appreciated. I really like this phone and would like to remain using it.

    11-29-14 04:27 PM
  2. anon(9208252)'s Avatar
    You could try doing a back up of your device with desk top mgr and then try a security wipe , and restore with desk top mgr.
    11-30-14 11:50 AM

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