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    I have a Canary Security System in both my house and garage. This system when paired with my Android cell phone automatically arms itself once I leave my house with my cell and disarms when I return with my cell. While I am away it sends audio alerts similar to getting a text message and I can view my security system through my phone and take action if I view an intrusion. I had a Samsung Galaxy S5 (which I lost) prior to the DTEK and it worked flawlessly. My DTEK50 allows me to view the video but does not give me the audio prompts. The app for Canary is available on the Google Play store. Is there an easy fix for my problem?
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    08-18-16 08:55 AM
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    Check the permissions for the app or even uninstall/reinstall it. If it was giving you alerts before, there's no reason it shouldn't on DTEK50.
    08-18-16 01:00 PM
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    I contacted Canary and in a condescending reply to my call they stated they did not support Blackberry even though the Dtec is Android. I now have a call into Blackberry and their Engineers are looking at it.
    08-18-16 10:25 PM

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