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    my internet says its connected and my phone isn't hooked up yet it is a use phone in perfectly good shape and the wifi is turned on and so is the mobile net work, but when i go on the internet (facebook,browser) it says "we can not reach facebook server at this time. please try again later. (100)"
    04-13-15 11:18 PM
  2. Supa_Fly1's Avatar
    In BB10 WiFi is a priority connection over cellular network.

    Think of an Internet connection of any type as an on rampplus the actual highway / freeway. The on-ramp is what connects you to the information Super highway but a non valid ID or false or lack of authentication will not get you onto the actual highway - valid ID past the router to full Internet via your service provider.

    Check your settings or power cycle the WiFi radio in BB10 and ensure you're fully connected testing Web searches you've never searched for nor would ever have to search for.

    Posted using CB10 via Z10
    04-13-15 11:30 PM

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