1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    My bb z10 wonʻt swiched on it stop on 99% till 2 days
    01-26-15 12:44 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Have you taken out the battery, replaced it and tried again?
    01-26-15 03:29 PM
  3. anischab's Avatar
    Or longpress power button and restart.
    The phone might be stuck in a starting loop... happened with my Q10 before updating to the latest 10.2.1 OS

    Workhorse: BlackBerry|Q10, SQN100-3, OS; Power Workhorse: BlackBerry|Passport, SQW100-1, OS; Germany.
    01-26-15 04:21 PM

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