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    Update: Never Mind..... It was plugged into a powered USB, port and I tried another USB port which allowed the PC to find the Z30 right away.

    Just installed BB-Link to Win8.1, the wifi connected appeared to function, but when I selected Do A Back-Up, A message said cannot do back on WiFi, so I clicked on don't do WiFi. Eventually restarted BB-Link, then plugged in Z30, but BB-Link can't see that the Z30 is hooked up to USB.

    So, my question, why doesn't BB-Link, running on Win8.1 see Z30 when USB is plugged in?
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    01-25-15 08:49 AM
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    Do you have the latest drivers?

    Download the latest Blend which comes with the latest LINK and drivers...click yes to install everything
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    01-25-15 09:07 AM

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