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    I am trying to Sync my account with BB Passport SE. But as soon as I turn on the WiFi it keeps on toggling on & off. Hence only 2 contacts have been synced with the phone. The Rest are out. I reset the device thrice and have tried to Reboot the device as a member suggested in a previous post by pressing the power button 15 - 20 seconds.

    Also I am from India. The Phone is a gift from an uncle in US. The OS is Downloaded BB Blend and checked with the Update Software and it says its latest
    02-06-17 12:43 AM
  2. anon(3732391)'s Avatar
    I'm unclear as to what account you're trying to sync.
    You say you're from India
    It's nice that your passport was a gift but that information is useless... but, the uncle may have something to do with it. We shall see.
    Also, I'm unclear if you were in India or the US when this became an issue.

    My first guess would be based around your router. It would make more sense to reboot that and your modem, but I have no info so all I could do is make a wild guess but it wouldn't help.
    I can tell you the problem lies between your settings on you Passport and your router.
    If you could tell me the make and model # of your router, then I could offer you a solution.

    To set thing up correctly you should start by opening the routers settings page through a computer and access the router through a browser.
    Everything you need to know to open the settings is right on your route. If you haven't accessed this page then by default your login is "admin" and the password is "password"

    If you have a Netgear you access it by typing in the address bar on your browser.
    .A linksys

    If you can get your router info, PM me I'll get your message right away and won't have to track it down and I'll be happy to guide you through the set up.
    If I'm off track I think I've given you enough info for you to get what we need to access what we have to get you up and running.

    Oh.. and I do have good news, too! You do have the latest OS installed.

    And if I were to go on just the info you provided I'd have to say it has something to do with your Uncle and.... and..... oh, hell, I've lost the image.
    02-06-17 09:05 AM
  3. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    1) I'd try using the phone on a friends or an open networks - different from yours. That way you can determine that it's not an issue with your phone.

    If it is your phone.... was it brand new or 2nd hand?

    2) I'd do a Factory Reset on the phone
    02-06-17 09:20 AM

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