1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    This is leading to numerous face dialing's. My Z10 worked fine. Within a couple of inches of my face, the screen would black out.
    I ran proximity sensor tests o the Z30, and they passed.
    I just activated this phone a couple of days ago, and It's been like this from the start. I placed tempered glass on it when it was new. It is positioned correctly. I couldn't find any settings for this feature.
    Any suggestions for correction.
    08-04-15 02:10 PM
  2. rbtg's Avatar
    try a hard reboot (hold voulume + and - for 10 sec)
    08-04-15 04:07 PM
  3. oakcrest0221's Avatar
    Thanks. I tried it and it didn't work. Any other thoughts or suggestions?

    Posted via CB10
    08-04-15 05:21 PM
  4. 10_z_no gimmick's Avatar
    Same issue here. I have to manually turn the screen off.

    Z30, STA100-2 /
    08-04-15 05:49 PM
  5. oakcrest0221's Avatar
    When taking phone calls? How do you do that? Is there a quick shortcut ?

    Posted via CB10
    08-04-15 06:12 PM
  6. guygardner73's Avatar
    Bottom line is that it should. Sounds like a proximity sensor malfunction. Run BlackBerry Virtual Expert.

    PassportSQW100-1/ O2 UK
    08-06-15 04:54 AM
  7. guygardner73's Avatar
    Or download Pocket Safe.

    PassportSQW100-1/ O2 UK
    08-06-15 04:55 AM
  8. 10_z_no gimmick's Avatar
    Mine was working some times, others not.
    Issue fixed with PocketSafe.

    Z30, STA100-2 /
    08-06-15 05:26 AM
  9. oakcrest0221's Avatar
    Thanks. According to VE the proximity sensor is working fine. I'll try the pocket safe.

    Posted via CB10
    08-06-15 07:01 AM
  10. oakcrest0221's Avatar
    I tried it. It's OK, but I can't seem to find a way into the setting to make adjustments. The only way is to uninstall and reinstall and make the desired changes through the initial settings. How can I get to the "in app" settings mentioned in the tutorial?
    08-06-15 01:23 PM
  11. guygardner73's Avatar
    Swipe down from the top.

    PassportSQW100-1/ O2 UK
    08-06-15 02:55 PM
  12. guygardner73's Avatar
    Why does the screen on my new Z30 not fade during a call when up against my face?-img_20150806_205618.png

    PassportSQW100-1/ O2 UK
    08-06-15 02:56 PM
  13. oakcrest0221's Avatar
    Got it thanks.

    Posted via CB10
    08-07-15 06:51 AM
  14. mad_mdx's Avatar
    It sounds like your phone is defective. Bbve doesn't read the proximity sensor the same way the phone app does. If you have warranty I would get the phone replaced.
    08-07-15 03:23 PM
  15. oakcrest0221's Avatar
    So even though it passed the BBVE test, the sensor is still bad. What's the point of the BBVE then?

    Posted via CB10
    08-08-15 08:02 AM
  16. RodgerLeblanc's Avatar
    So even though it passed the BBVE test, the sensor is still bad. What's the point of the BBVE then?

    Posted via CB10
    Hi oakcrest0221,

    I'm the developer of PocketSafe.

    The app does use the same proximity sensor as the BBVE app, but there's one point that you need to test when running BBVE :
    Try not to pass your hand near the proximity sensor when it asks you to do it, the 'Near' test should stay at 'Waiting'. If it shows 'Pass' and you didn't waived your hand over the sensor, there's a problem as the sensor is detecting a close object when there are none. Unfortunately, this test isn't explained in BBVE.

    I have to be fair and tell that a proximity sensor defect is rarely the reason why PocketSafe is not working for some users, it usually is one of those reasons, listed in order :
    1) Your hand is covering the sensor because you don't know where the sensor is
    2) Your hand is covering the sensor because you use your phone in landscape
    3) PocketSafe settings aren't set to properly fit your lifestyle (Battery Saving Mode and Delay)
    4) You have a 'thick' screen protector (tempered glass) that is causing your proximity sensor to receive false reading once in a while
    5) PocketSafe has a bug that causes it (those bugs should be fix by now)

    There's a new version available in BlackBerry World since this morning, can you update and check if it's still a problem?

    If it is, can you try to set Battery Saving Mode to ON and set Delay to 2 seconds (far right).

    Hope you'll get it to work as it should, if it's not working properly, send me a Bug Report by going to About page (swipe down from top inside the app) and click Bug Report button.

    Attachment 366412
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    08-11-15 09:38 PM
  17. Doggerz's Avatar
    Very good point about testing your proximity sensor. Because it sure sounds like you have a broken one.

    But I was able to get a new middle frame (came with a brand new battery too) from Amazon for like 15 dollars. That gave me a new proximity sensor and fixed my problem.

    Right now I'm waiting for a new Z30 screen. The only good thing is that Z30's are easy to work on if it turns out you need a new sensor.

    Using Z10 since BlackBerry broke my Z30.
    08-11-15 10:29 PM

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