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    I have a BB Classic: In the hub, it tells me i have an unread text message. When I try to view the unread text, it will open a 'compose new message' screen and not the unread text. When i back out of the compose message screen, the unread text is still marked as unread and I cannot view any of the previous messages in that thread. When I start a new text to that contact, it will not bring up the old messages. It does allow me to text that contact though. I have tried restarting my phone to see if it helps without any success. Anyone experience this or know a solution to this issue or why it is happening??
    09-08-16 01:47 PM
  2. goku_vegeta's Avatar
    Try refreshing the hub. Go into the hub and swipe diagonally 5 times from the right corner. It should refresh.
    09-09-16 06:17 AM

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