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    Why can't I open any files?

    When I go into files, to open photos or video that I have taken on my Keyone, it tells me I have "no app to open file".
    If I have the camera app open, I can click on the last picture and view the photos & videos from there.

    I could't open pdfs either, until recently. I would get the same message when trying to open a pdf, until I downloaded Acrobat app. Then it gave me the option to choose Acrobat or Drive. Why did Drive show up to the party after Acrobat app was downloaded?
    btw I don't use any Cloud for anything.

    It won't open screenshots.png or jpg either.

    What am I missing, please?
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    06-25-18 04:45 PM
  2. Spunton_Duddley's Avatar
    On the BlackBerry KEYone device there are now two photo viewing apps that need to not only be installed, but enabled if they're already installed:

    - the 'gallery' app (from TCL)

    - the 'photos' app (from Google)

    NOTE: there is also a 'locker' app now too, hopefully there's nothing caused by that app.

    Make sure you have one or both installed and that they're enabled. These are simply the two default apps that should already be installed as part of the Android build.

    With those installed and enabled, every time you open an image or video file, you would be prompted to pick one of those two apps. You can also choose to make one your default app for photos in the same prompt (touch 'always' to make default).

    - swipe down from top of homescreen

    - touch the 'options' gear

    - go into the 'apps' section

    - touch the gear atop the 'apps' section

    - in there you can configure some default apps (might not have a default photos app option, but it's still useful to you)

    Whenever you open an image or video, make sure when you're prompted to pick an app that you select 'always' so that it's configured to work all the titime.
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    06-25-18 04:59 PM
  3. havaniceday's Avatar
    Hello & Thank you! I found the photos app which was disabled. I can now view pictures & screen shots. Video files are also working now.
    I don't see the gallery app. I can't seem to find it in the Play Store either.
    I'm very happy to have the files working! Thank you very much.
    06-25-18 06:02 PM

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