1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Dear all

    I seem to have a problem with my Blackberry Priv I recently purchased from a phone shop. I bought it second hand but its at a good price and device is in great condition although out of warranty. After coming home and playing with it for a few hours, I realised that the flash light at the rear remains on all the time. Even when the phone is switched off the light remains on. It is not too bright but am getting annoyed with it surely consumes the battery. I tried resetting the device but it still remains on. I also tried installing the 'flahslight' app and switching it off but no joy. Is there any other DIY trick i can implement? Perhaps a hardware one? Your help is very much appreaciated.
    07-21-17 05:37 AM
  2. dangerousfen's Avatar
    This happened to one of my 9700's many years ago. Never did find a cure for it. It just glowed dimly all the time and. As you suggest, it consumes battery power. Had to just live with it in the end.
    07-21-17 05:46 AM
  3. xandros9's Avatar
    My friend's iPhone 4 developed this (back when the 4 was new) after an aquatic accident. Never was fixed.
    07-21-17 03:45 PM
  4. daveamerican's Avatar
    Thats bad news guys. I really liked the device. Thanks for your responses.
    07-22-17 04:59 AM

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