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    I have been a long time Blackberry user and think they are the best devices out there, but for some reason they have been offering me things I like a lot, then taking them away to become more like an Iphone in the next few updates. I totally preferred the swipe up and swipe down to answer my phone in the first OS10 release, but in the first update it was gone with no way back. I have updated to the OS10.3.1 leak, and now my camera is almost enough to make me go back. I thought it was WAY more convenient to be able to tap anywhere to take a picture, but now they have this stupid button in the middle of my picture that I have to make sure I am positioning my fingers to I am sure to get it. Is there any way to get the old camera back? Aside from going back to the old OS. If I wanted a fruit or a droid, I would buy one, I want a Blackberry, so stop copying there bad stuff, and keep putting out innovative and easier ways to do stuff.
    11-12-14 02:18 AM
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    You can also take a picture by pressing the volume button. Not as convenient as the old way, but it's easier than hitting the on screen icon.

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    11-12-14 02:21 AM
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    1/ (call answer) was requested by users as they didn't handle the swipe up to answer correctly (at least at the beginning : it caused many returns, IMHO)
    2/ 10.3.1 is a leak (as stated) and we cannot elaborate on a version that isn't final (subject to change). Yet, I was in your camp first and I think I'm reversing now. I found I have a much sharper control over the actions in the camera ... still at the expense of the speed for "immediate shots", which is not the way I usually use my device for.
    11-12-14 02:28 AM
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    I absolutely agree on this. Absolutely. Both of these places, I think they just outright copied android/iOS taking away what so much more unique and convenient.

    Q5 SQR100-3/
    11-12-14 02:49 AM
  5. notfakeprofile's Avatar
    I think that BlackBerry updates are better than what other oses give us.

    Ios is just few icons and style change since ios7 between 3 and 6 there wasn't anything new.

    Same with android, but with BlackBerry I can really see changes in versions in a good way

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    11-12-14 02:49 AM
  6. AmritD's Avatar
    You are not wrong there. But is it kinda taking away features ?

    Q5 SQR100-3/
    11-12-14 05:18 AM
  7. thurask's Avatar
    Originality gave way to accommodating the lowest common denominator.

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    11-12-14 05:21 AM

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