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    Use Outlook 2010 (standalone, no Exchange) to read my Gmail and AOL email.
    Using latest version of BB Link
    Z10 phone, latest version software (sorry phone is backing up right now don't know exact OS)

    Everything had been working perfectly for months.

    All of the sudden every time Link comes up Outlooks starts repeatedly asking for email password accounts - even if I click on the remember password option it keeps asking.

    Then Link usually freezes.

    If it doesn't prompt it when Link starts up it will prompt it when I go hit "Configure data" (to sync calendar or contacts).

    Then a couple of days ago I noticed that all my contacts and calendar entries disappeared from my Z10 (they were still intact in Outlook, thankfully).

    Just weird things...there were times when the BB Link was not seeing my phone at all, so I reinstalled...

    Any ideas/suggestions?

    11-13-14 08:28 PM

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