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    This actually isn't a question I'm asking... it's a question I'm answering!

    There has been a lot of speculation over the 3330 text message, which states:
    "You or an app are trying to access internet on your device for internet access options click htt p://fido.ca/m/blackberrydpf/1/i (link is free)".

    The incorrect answers include:
    - turning off your device's data (losing MMS and voicemail notifications)
    - changing your mobile number (does nothing)
    - reply to this message with "stop" or "unsubscribe" (does not apply to your carrier)
    - changing your phone's plan (does nothing unless you add a data plan)

    The correct answer (which is proven 100% to work) is:
    1) Contact your service provider
    2) Escalate the call to the president's office or a senior manager in the complaints department. (No other level of support can help with this).
    3) Tell the representative that you would like to be removed from "All" marketing, including the 3330 text messaging.
    4) Tell the representative that you would like this request to be escalated to "the back office". This is where the company's programmers and engineers work.
    *Please note: As a customer, you will not be granted access to speak with anyone from "the back office", they do not deal with the public! This request MUST be done by (Step 2).
    If you are not getting anywhere with your request to stop the 3330 text messages all is not lost!
    If you reside in Canada, you can then quote article 7 of the Office Of The Privacy Commissioner which roughly states ...you withdraw consent to be contacted for marketing via text messages..., this includes by your service provider!
    For other countries you are encouraged to check your local and federal laws.

    I actually spent 2 years trying to stop the 3330 text messages, and this was the only way to do it, 100%!
    04-08-16 04:24 AM

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