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    I've gone over and over all the settings - my Blackberry is set to save sent messages and I get no sense from Blackberry, o2 (my mobile provider) or Virgin Media in sorting this problem other than some hints that an update to 10.3.2 might fix this problem but that's of no help now because 02 won't say when they will release that update in the UK!
    08-14-15 04:34 PM
  2. southlander's Avatar
    You mean set to show sent messages in the hub?

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    08-14-15 05:04 PM
  3. kgbbz10's Avatar
    When I use my the primary email (the first one I set up on the phone) it saves the sent email with the black check mark next to it in the Hub. When I use any other email it dissappears right away and will show back up once it syncs to my phone, but it's in the sent folder.

    08-14-15 05:34 PM
  4. pstremes's Avatar
    Yes it is set to save sent emails. My email provider (Virgin Media) have confirmed I have all the right setting son my BB Classic so they don't know why why sent emails aren't saved in the sent folder of my ntlworld (Virgin) email account or on the BB Hub. Strangely emails that I send from my home PC do get saved on my BB Classic!!
    08-15-15 09:10 AM

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