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    I downloaded the amazon app store app so I could get Pandora on my phone. However, I found that I lost control of the Application Permissions for that app, so I deleted it. I then found some Android folders/files in the Misc folder in File Manager that I could not delete (Permission denied) and a Protected Folder that says "You don't have permission to access this folder.". After doing a Security Wipe I found that those folders/files are still on my phone. I'm new to Blackberry (this is my first smart phone) and chose Blackberry because of it's security features, but the fact that I don't have control over these files is a concern for me. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
    02-22-15 01:02 PM
  2. anon(9208252)'s Avatar
    I believe those are locked as they work with the android runtime on the phone.
    02-22-15 01:26 PM
  3. Magnetic_dud's Avatar
    It also happened to me
    The only way to remove that folder is using an autoloader

    ...or just wait for a fix. Updating to Z10STL100-2/ made the folder accessible again!

    Posted via Z10
    02-22-15 02:26 PM

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