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    I've been having issues with my BB Passport. The battery would often run down in -6 hours, it was getting super hot, and the top pull-down screen (Flashlight, WiFi, Settings, etc) was missing items. (Turns out, that's the only way to turn on the 'flashlight'. If that button disappears, it's gone.)

    The phone people said to do a back-up and factory reset and restore.

    I used BB Link to do a full back-up of my phone.

    Then I used BB Link to do a full restore. Phone was exactly the same, as expected.

    I went ahead and did the Factory Reset. Like a lot of people, it tried to wipe the memory for days, so I had to mess around to make it stop. Finally I got it back to ground zero. Blank slate. I pulled down the top-menu and there were all the buttons, including flashlight!

    I went to the Restore options and looked at the 3 categories. "Applications" and "Media" was easy. Checked both of those. But because I wanted those Top Pull-down buttons back (like 'Flashlight') I left "Device Settings and Local Contacts/Calendar Data" unchecked.

    I clicked Restore. It worked on it for a while. When it was done, Apps were fine, Media was fine, I didn't have my contacts, or calendar data or associated accounts, and the top pull-down menu was reverted to its former-self. No flashlight, among other things.

    Defeated, I went back to BB Link, went to the restore screen, and selected JUST the 'Device Settings and Contacts', hit restore and waited. When it was done, nothing had changed.

    I chose the 'Settings and Contacts' back-up from a week earlier and hit restore. Nothing changed.

    AND, the battery is still running down in less than 6 hours (sometimes).

    So what the heck?
    - Why are those top buttons disappearing
    - How do I get them back
    - How do I get my contacts back onto my phone
    - How do I stop it from heating up and running down

    Blackberry Passport, I LOVE your hardware but your software is the pits!
    07-23-16 07:32 AM
  2. conite's Avatar
    Do a clean install and DO NOT restore with Link. Link tends to restore your bugs too.

    Use a third party app like Ultimate Backup, then reload your OS with Link.
    07-23-16 08:34 AM

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