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    I have a Blackberry Q10. On July 6th, they forced the OS update on me. About a week later, the touch screen suddenly quit working for me. The screen still lights up and boots everything like normal, but I can't swipe or do anything with the screen. In fact, the phone still connects to blue-tooth in my car and shows me when I have new notifications. I can't check them, but I still get them.

    Obviously, the first things I tried was rebooting the phone, and then pulling the battery, letting it cool down, then booting it up again. No results. So when I got home, I hooked it up to my computer via blackberry link and did a full factory reset on it. When it came up with the initial set-up screen, I at first wasn't able to get it to work then either. But I pulled the battery again, then booted it back up, and it worked fine for about 12 hours. The touch screen failed again after that time, and at first, I was able to get it to work by simply rebooting the phone. It failed again, and now I can't get touch screen functionality to come back. Could this be a software problem? I never had this problem before the new OS came down, and I haven't, to my knowledge, ever damaged the phone in any way.

    My carrier is Verizon, and all they can see is dollar signs with this problem. They want me to replace the phone, but I don't have insurance on it, and the one year warranty is out of date now. So now I'm stuck. Has anyone come up with an answer to this problem?

    07-15-15 02:56 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    If it is software related... try an autoloader from a different version of BB10.

    But most likely it is a hardware issue that is just coming and going.... you could watch a tear down video and the take yours apart and see if the connector is lose where it plugs into the "board".
    07-15-15 03:05 PM
  3. Benjamin Evald's Avatar
    Check the cable connected the PCB

    Posted via CB10
    07-16-15 03:32 AM

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