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    I have a Q5. When I first got it at the end of July, I fiddled around and found a ringtone I didn't mind and set the number of vibrations for text to one and email to two. Later I turned off 'Sound' but left vibrate on and had my phone calls give me vibration alerts instead.
    I wanted to go and check out the ringtones again and see if I might switch back to them, but I cannot find them--or a place to set number of vibrations--anywhere. To top it off, my email randomly stopped giving vibration alerts this morning. I went to Settings > Notifications and ensured that Sound and Vibrate were turned on, and that I was in Normal mode, and there's still nowhere to select a ringtone or number of vibrations for anything, or a way to assign it to a certain function, from what I can tell. I've gone through each section in the main settings area as well as each section in the settings I can reach from email/text/hub. I cannot find a menu for this anywhere. The only thing I can do is set custom notifications, which doesn't help with email, as it only alerts me to those I knew to add it to.
    11-19-14 06:30 PM
  2. ymb's Avatar
    go to settings > notifications > applications and pick phone of whatever else you wanna change

    11-19-14 09:18 PM
  3. atramentousAntiquarian's Avatar
    That was what I was missing. Thank you!
    11-19-14 10:50 PM

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