1. CARGUY2022's Avatar
    2 days ago the BlackBerry Hub App disappeared from my phone as well as all the information I had stored in the Blackberry Notes App. Does anyone know how to rectify this and get back the information that was stored in the Notes App. Could my phone have been hacked?

    Thanks so much and Happy New Year!.
    01-09-22 12:34 AM
  2. Ph1llip's Avatar
    Need more detail. What phone are you using? When you say it "disappeared", do you mean you can no longer find/search for it in you phone's app list? Is it showing up as "installed" in your PlayStore app on your phone? (if using Android).

    If not, just reinstall it from the store and add all your accounts again?

    Need more detail: Phone/OS/definition of "disappeared".

    Edit: just read the title. As it's a Key2, just reinstall it from the PlayStore. Make sure you install Services, not just the Inbox.
    01-09-22 12:33 PM

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