1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Hi. First time on the CB forum.

    I have a Z10 (BB10 v 10.2.1) and Windows 7 laptop running Office 2010. I have also installed the latest Blackberry Link.

    I try to sync the calendar and contacts from my phone to the PC (one way, initially). BB Link goes through all the motions but no data is actually transferred.

    I have three email accounts on my phone - gmail, virgin (whihc was the primary account but it never seemed to work properly on Z10) and work (exchange server). I've seen plenty of complaints on the web that people cannot sync BB10 with Outlook but have not managed to find a solution.

    Any ideas please?

    Many thanks.
    12-07-14 06:42 AM
  2. Chris Degroote's Avatar
    In blackberry link go to sync agenda end contacts/configuration/ add folder and select the folder you will sincWhy can't I sync my Z10 calendar or contacts to Outlook on my PC?-schermafdruk-2014-12-07-14.17.13.png
    12-07-14 07:21 AM
  3. Partridge25's Avatar
    Thank for the reply. I have already done that.
    12-07-14 07:33 AM

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