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    Hi. My landlord was ******** me out about the bass coming out of my $ 200 Klipsch bluetooth speaker. I use my z30 player as my device. It has no bloody tone controls. Sad but true, common Blackberry, that's a major design flaw. you make it hard to be loyal sometimes!

    Anyhow I read on this forum to buy Neutron app. Well I did and I have just wasted two hours of my life farting around with it.

    It is not intuitive. I am pretty computer literate. It did not import my songs yet alone the three play lists. I've uninstalled and re-installed it to no avail.

    Please help! Anyone. The instructions from Neutron are useless to me. For some reason all my music is stored on the device memory not the media card. I wonder if this is part of the problem?


    01-04-15 03:29 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    When I used Neutron, it imported my music but mine is always on my SD card
    01-04-15 03:41 PM
  3. Goldboot02's Avatar
    Hit the option in the upper right corner.

    Why can't I get my music from downloaded music player Neutron.?-img_20150104_164353.png

    You see this menu, refresh your sources located at the bottom of the menu.

    Why can't I get my music from downloaded music player Neutron.?-img_20150104_164421.png

    The refresh may take a while depending on how many songs you have.
    01-04-15 03:49 PM
  4. squashplayerjim's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply. After a few hours of messing around I figured it out.

    On my apps settings in Z30 I had not allowed media sharing for this app. so essentially the Blackberry was blocking it.

    It imported almost seamlessly. I've noticed the Neutron app does NOT have a shuffle features which is in inherent on the media player in Blackberry.

    Otherwise this app is great. It solved my bass problem and it allows you to customize the sound of your stereo.

    If anything it is overkill for a basic user but certainly fixed my problem.

    BTW............... I love my Z30. Upgraded from Q10, and bold before that.

    Happy New Year!

    01-04-15 10:51 PM

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