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    I'm interested in a Classic and have been trying to find a shop with one that I can look at but can't find one for love or money! I've tried several Carphone Warehouse stores and the network stores but they all say that they don't sell enough to warrant holding stock. One person at an O2 store said he had a Blackberry rep who came round asking eagerly whether any had been sold but he told her that it was pointless asking because Blackberry don't provide enough stock for retailers. So who's fault is it?
    07-17-15 06:55 AM
  2. paulwallace1234's Avatar
    They always blame the manufacturer and never themselves, the last time I spotted a BlackBerry in a UK shop was in a Carphone warehouse and a z10, just before I bought my own, and that was over two years ago, now it's just crappy samsung phones (one that was running lower than Android 2.3) and Apple stuff
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    07-17-15 07:13 AM
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    When your sales a in the .002% range......what retailer is going to want your products taking up valuable retail space?

    I sometimes wonder if some here understand the meaning of insignificant. And now with ShopBlackBerry.com and Amazon getting a good portion of the sales now, that means brick and mortar stores will have even less reason to stock those same devices.
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    07-17-15 07:20 AM

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