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    //////// FIX FOUND, SEE BELOW ////////

    Hello everyone,
    today I'm facing a problem with my Blackberry Q5. I saw that the Android apps I use cannot connect to the Internet through 3G data (in fact I'm in 3G or H+ on a French carrier, I don't have 4G here). How come ? I just want to let them connect to the data just as the Web Browser or native apps (even Snap connects to the data, as it is a "native" app).

    Some information : my OS is 10.2.3062, my model is SQR100-2 (I don't know what it is, maybe it means "Q5 with AZERTY keyboard"...)

    I tried the following : I installed a launcher (Nova Launcher), I went to the android Settings through Nova, under "networks" I hit "more", then I see "Mobile networks". When I hit it, I see "Unfortunately, Settings has stopped". Yes, it crashed.

    I read somewhere that the OS 10.3 should bring the Android 4.4 compatibility (for the moment I have 4.2 compatibility). Do you think upgrading to a leaked build of 10.3 could solve the problem ? Is there any option I haven't seen yet ?

    I hope, as a little Frenchie, my English wasn't too bad...
    Thank you so much for making this forum live !

    /////// FIX FOUND, PROBLEM SOLVED ////////

    Since I didn't use the good keywords (french habits, I didn't use the good terms...), I didn't find this thread :

    [I cannot put links as I'm a newcommer in Crackberry forums. Search for "Fix - Android App Problem - Mobile Network Connection Error"]

    This guy had the same problem. I tried Android Assistant (installed from Snap), I put the Mobile Network on through it. Now my Android apps can go through mobile data ! That's awesome !

    I'm just disappointed Blackberry didn't thought about that ! They should have included this kind of monitoring panel, or at least they should have enabled it by default. However, now, I can use my mobile data just as I want.
    Please forgive me for my poor researches, I promise I will do better searches now. And first of all, before posting, I will put my Blackberry in English so I can search just the right keywords.

    Thank you so much, have a nice day !
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    11-18-14 01:46 PM
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    my advice would be to stay away from using a "launcher" lso what android app are you trying to use
    11-18-14 02:33 PM

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