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    Randomly my passport on Rogers running bb is automatically forwards all call from unknown numbers/ unidentified callers to voicemail without ringing. The problem is that I work in a hospital and all calls from the hospital show up as unidentified caller. I'm missing important calls as a result. I do not have any call forwarding features activated and did not knowingly modified my device when this started. I can't find a fix online. Any suggestions? Could this be something my carrier (Rogers) is doing?
    01-08-15 02:05 PM
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    This is a known issue caused from doing a restore to the passport from a z10 backup. There is only a work around right now.

    Go to Settings > Security and Privacy > Parental Controls.

    Turn parental controls on. put a check in the boxes "phones calls from contacts only" and "text messages from contacts only" then uncheck the boxes and turn parental controls back off.

    You will be good to go
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    01-08-15 03:14 PM

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