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    Please help with this. I transferred my contacts from my Curve to a new Q5 with the latest BB 10 OS. The contact numbers transferred over in a format with no punctuation, like for example say "Joe" is 5551117777. However, if "Joe" calls, the callerID does not show his name, unless I manually go in and change every number to this format (555) 111-7777.

    Here's what I've tried that hasn't worked to fix this:

    1. I check the country code is +1 and the number of phone number digits is 10. (I tried 11 too, but didn't help)

    2. I have a backup .BBB file, so I used a blackberry extractor program to pull out the contacts in .CSV form and opened in Excel, and changed the phone number format to (###) ###-####. Then I tried to import this using the app, ContactsImEx, but I keep getting the error: Error opening file/accounts/1000/shared/documents/contacts-backup.csv. I tried importing this CSV files from my computer wirelessly or from on the device, but no luck.

    3. I tried using Blackberry Link, but that is confusing and was no help.

    4. I don't have or use MS Outlook.

    5. I've tried having the device directly connected with a USB or wirelessly to my computer.

    I don't want to manually put in parentheses and hyphens in 500 phone numbers. Please help! Thanks.
    07-30-17 10:22 AM

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