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    am using passport with for several months already, then today all of a sudden the blackberry assitant voice prompt does not deactivate even if it is already deactivated under settings. The unit goes to locked mode then I could not enter my numerical password the normal way. the voice app recites each digit i press but does not reflect on screen until I find a way how to enter the password. This is really weird - when the password screen is up, i should deliberately press the digit once, then voice prompt will tell you to double tap for it to work. When I double tap, the number appears on the screen. This goes on until the last digit until I need to press OK button. Same approach press once until voice app told you to double tap. Then I could not navigate properly and can't remove the device password. Voice assistant has gone haywire. I can receive calls bbm viber etc, but the navigation is so messed up. The last app I downloaded in amazon appstore is Ookla speedtest app today. Is there a known issue or malware that have the same behavior?
    09-05-15 05:38 AM
  2. tex3523's Avatar
    That sounds like screen reader is on, not blackberry assistant.

    Settings> accessibility>screen reader. Turn it off.

    Posted from my awesome Q10
    09-05-15 11:57 AM

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