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    So I had not used my Blackberry Curve 8330 in over 3 years and I just recently set it up using the Verizon Wireless Pre-Paid AllSet Plan. It's working perfectly, for the most part. The service is excellent and it's really nice not to have a contract for the phone, I'm not a fan of contracts, honestly. I'm still on 4.5, but I like it so I don't know that I'm really that interested in doing the upgrade.

    Anyways, not my problem.

    Earlier today I had to do some Blackberry App World updates of some old programs that were on the phone when I last used it. These apps were; BBM, Facebook and Pandora. I updated BBM first and then picked 'Reboot Later,' as I'd planned to do all the updates then do the reboot all at once. Well, upon the second update (Facebook), for whatever reason the update failed. So I did do the reboot then. Following the reboot, I went in an updated Facebook just fine. I didn't bother updating Pandora, I just deleted it.

    As I type, there's nothing showing up in My World in the Blackberry App World, that needs to be updated or anything. I don't have a stalled download of anything. Nothing. Yet, I still have the notification Icon, at the top of my homescreen. The icon is dimmed, but still there and shows a 1 besides it. I've tried a battery pull, while the phone was on, and such- but no luck in it getting rid of the notification icon. Beyond wiping the phone (which I'd rather not do), does anyone have any idea why this notification icon is stuck and/or how to get it to go away?

    Next question... Tinder? Is there a BB Curve 8330 version of the App? I found (**w w w . t i n d e r b l a c k b e r r y . c o m**) but I don't think it's a legit website. The actual Tinder website doesn't even load on my phone, it's just a blank white screen. So any ideas about this either?

    Thanks everyone! I find this site extremely helpful and I always come here when I don't know something about the phone. You guys all rock. If there's an old topic about this, honestly, I got tired of looking and I did look through quite a few searches and pages. Thanks!
    10-30-14 01:16 AM
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    10-30-14 07:37 AM

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