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    I have bes 5.0.4 and exchange 2010 in my environment. Its a new setup. We are trying to deploy the pgp supp package OTA but seems to be failing. The wireless activation works fine but the pgp supp package doesn't get listed/installed. We don't want to try a wired deployment through desktop manager. The following settings have been put in place on the BES server -

    1. Application added on the BAS console and confirmed files of .xml and .pkg in the application folder.
    2. Created software configuration for the pgp application and listed under required app list.
    3. Configured IT policy for PGP and specified pgp server address and pgp policy cache timeout to 24
    4. Applied pgp software config to user.

    When user does an activation wirelessly, the pgp application doesn't show up under options>advanced> applications. nor does user see any prompts or application download/install.

    Please suggest steps to rememdy. Appreciate the help.

    10-27-14 12:59 AM
  2. jojo0's Avatar
    Has the OTA user loaded the Pgp support on to BB desktop manger and then on to handset? Not sure if am way off the mark with this lol
    10-31-14 04:00 AM

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