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    Hi - hoping some might be able to help? We are using two Blackberry 9900 that we purchased through Vodaphone a few years back, had no problems using voice, texts, pics, email and internet on the BB units.
    When devices were out of the plan with Voda, we unlocked and are moving over to Optus. I have the new Optus sim in the BB's and able to receive/ make voice calls and send texts. Not able to receive pic txts, or access data services. I have called Optus tech support and no help- suggested a factory reset. (one lady I spoke with Optus told me that BB is so old and no-one uses any more and I should be ongoing to an iphone... and not their problem as have not brought phone through them...) Hoping someone might be able to assist- I have looked at all the settings I can, data services on etc. checked that set-up ok with Optus. Have done the take out the sim and battery pulls and still no luck. Trying to connect to internet, says problem, contact provider. Hoping we can get them up and running- personally my favourite BB. Thanks!
    10-26-14 03:10 AM
  2. garns29's Avatar
    In france, operators charge us 1€ (like an option) to be connected to B.I.S (BB data system,web,mail...), ask yours if it's the same tings.
    10-26-14 03:33 AM

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