1. qmyster's Avatar
    I forgot Blackberry ID password, clicked forgot password to reset, got an email msg, didn't read carefully, clicked the link then got confirmation message that blackberry ID was deleted. I then created a new blackberry ID using the same email address. Now when I try to log into BBM on my Z30, I got a message that I cannot use a different Blackberry ID, but it's the same blackberry ID as before. Help.
    10-07-14 05:15 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Um once you delete the BBID I don't think you can use it again at all.
    You have to create a new one and start over, right? That happened to a friend of mine and she had to repurchase all her apps and re invite bbm contacts from memory....
    10-07-14 08:09 PM

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