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    reply from Norton

    Sorry this feature is not sitting well with you. This is actually a very effective protection against new, unknown threats. Malware writers change the code in existing malware so that new variants are unrecognizable to AV software - newness is an advantage. To counter this, Norton takes files that have no history and classifies them as suspicious - newness is now a liability. Obviously it is not a perfect system and it is more prone to false positives than traditional methods. The tradeoff is that a small percentage of software that is not widely used may get mistaken for malware, but a great deal of actual malware gets blocked that otherwise would have installed. Other security programs are adopting similar techniques, and Microsoft is using application reputation (link is external) for download security in IE. For a one-post explanation of this feature please see the following:
    08-06-16 07:33 AM
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    Are you referring to Print My Files?

    I'm familiar with Runisoft only by use of their BB10 app offerings. I've found them to be a very active and responsive developer here in the BB10 community and forums. I believe Norton provided reasonable explanation for the false positive.
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    08-06-16 11:15 AM
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    We test all of our applications against various antiviruses ourselves so that the software that reach to our customers are safe.

    Since, Print My Files connects to Phone from Computer to operate, some antiviruses may generate false alarms.

    We hope you understand. In case you have any more doubts, please feel free to reach out to us.

    We would be glad to assist.

    Runisoft Team
    Runisoft Ltd.
    11-18-17 11:47 PM

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