1. ImranDar's Avatar
    I am excited about Passport but frankly would be more than happy if there is an all touch Passport. Typing in an all Touch BlackBerry smartphone has never been difficult. Z10 keyboard is the best keyboard, far better than iOS 7 and Droid 4.4.
    09-02-14 05:04 AM
  2. JamBueree's Avatar
    I could use the specs and all, but I dislike the size of it. I find it too wide, inconvenient, and repulsive.

    BlackBerry Z10 |
    ImranDar likes this.
    09-02-14 05:09 AM
  3. ImranDar's Avatar
    An all touch Passport with lesser width that the Qwerty is my dream phone.
    And you are right, width should be less but the specs are too good to resist.

    I am all for it in October.
    09-02-14 05:22 AM
  4. CrackberryQ's Avatar
    Magnetically attached keyboard, which also doubles as a charging pack!

    Or a simple slide in format, I wouldn't mind.

    This way will have both all touch and qwerty

    The most unimportant things you never need to know. Pin:C002F4C05
    09-02-14 05:52 AM
  5. The Big Picture's Avatar
    Why would anyone want a full touch 1:1 4.5 inch phone? Like a perfect square phone, really?

    Posted via CB10
    09-02-14 06:34 AM

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