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    I have a library of Ringtones I've collected over the years, but have a problem. For quite some time there is no apparent Ringtone Folder on my BlackBerry Q10 (although this has been an issue since I think OS 6).

    The problem is that when I go into the Music app, it finds Ringtones which I don't want to see there, and when I go to set a Ringtone, I see Music files which I don't want to see there!

    I do have a Ringtones folder, but it's on the Device's Storage, not on my SD card which I would prefer, and it's buried under the \misc\android\Ringtones folder.

    Is there a way to fix this problem?

    Thanks in advance!


    Thanks Morten! Adding the .nomedia file to a Ringtones folder, and putting the folder into the device's Music folder - which is where it defaults to looking when you're assigning a ringtone for a contact - did the trick. The ringtones aren't seen by the Music app, and easy to get to when assigning to a contact.

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    10-28-14 08:36 AM
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    Just make your own folder,.. place it on your SD card.. When selecting ringtones in settings, just choose to Browse Music, and it will allow you to pick the folder and file.

    By default, all folders under /Music will be indexed and used in the music app, so if you don't want your Ringtone folder to be indexed, either place it somewhere else (ex. under /Voice folder), or just create a ".nomedia" file in your Ringtones folder, and it won't show up in the Music app regardless of where it's located
    10-28-14 10:20 AM
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    OK, well when I first looked at this post, there was no Reply available, so I added my comment to the question itself.

    That said, thanks for the tip. The .nomedia file seems to have done the trick!
    10-28-14 10:37 AM
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    I just made a Ringtones folder on my sd card and slapped all of them in there. They don't go into the music library for me.
    10-28-14 02:15 PM

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