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    Sorry about typos in title-mobile app wouldn't offer option to edit the title. (word "baggage doesnt belong there-was prediction added by mistake)
    Can someone with a Z30 pls take a look at that little circle sticker at bottom right on the back of the device (without the cover on)
    Is that round sticker on yours turquoise or white?? is that the moisture damage indicator?
    I never noticed it before, but mine is now turquoise -never noticed before if it was white or not I fear it is indicating water damage? The charge is low so not sure if that is dropped Dropped my Z30 into a pitcher of water and thought it didnt get wet inside due tomorrow the case, but took off case and back cover and gave it a few hard shakes to expel any water, dried it off and put it in a baggie with some of moisture absorbing packets (saved from new products), BUT that turquoise colored circle at bottom right has me worried. Yes, I have insurance @$8 per mother, but the deductible is $99 and I hate to have to pay that deductible again (already have done that 2 month ago (since,when I first got it, -dropped it on concrete -shattering the screen before my case came int the mail). I guess its the best price I have to pay for being so clumsy (and its a lot cheaper than buying the whole phone)

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    oops that posted before I was done or spellck'd. I did use moistue packet in a baggie. it not turning out n now and Im not sure if battery is dead oe because of water, but I suspect water. Luckily I have a near new Q10 I was going to sell, that I can use til replacement but if anyone knows water damge indicator answer, plmk thx

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    12-29-14 09:57 AM
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    Its white
    12-29-14 09:58 AM
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    Mine is not white, kind of light shade of violet but not turquoise color. It has never been close to water.

    edit: what i said above is about the tamper sticker on screw sorry
    12-29-14 09:58 AM
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    The blue dot sticker you see at the lower right covers one of the case screws. Its to show if the case has been opened, as the sticker would get ripped/removed in order to access the screw head.

    I'm not sure exactly where the water indication sticker is on the Z30, but I suspect it is further inside of the device as the it has to be disassembled in order to get at the battery.
    Also the sticker would be: White = Dry, Red = Wet.
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    hmm well my device's round little sticker is turquoise, (which now based on above comments is the screw tamper sticker)..which I guess still doesn't indicate water damage if the water damage sticker is inside and unavailable to see- now I'm worried why my screw tamper sticker is different color than others..in addition to worry over if it is water damaged...so-What color is the bottom right of back round (screw tamper cover for others of u with Z30 ?
    I'm more concerned about water damage- its not turning on (charging it now) In fact, it is a very recent insurance replacement and I was already going to ask for a warranty replacement because often/ intermittently it would not respond to touch or tap and I would have to restart it. and NOW instead of warranty replacement for a defect, Im gonna have be pay $99 deductible to have it replaced if it is water damaged. I cant believe I it off a shelf right an open pitcher into pitcher of water -I couldn't have made that happen if I tried I'm having a week of dumb things happening - I feel like I'm the main character in an episode of Mr. Bean and its costing $ -I should have stayed in bed!
    12-29-14 10:51 AM
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    The sticker on my Verizon Z30, the screw tamper sticker on lower right screw head, is blue-ish and it has never took a dive.
    12-29-14 11:15 AM
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    So you dropped it into a pitcher full of water, it now doesn't turn on and you want to see if the water exposure sticker has been triggered?

    I'd say the fact that it doesn't turn on is a pretty good indicator that there is "water damage".

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    12-29-14 11:18 AM
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    when I first posted the question I didnt know yet if it would turn on. then I was having screen size problems while editing my typos (I am using a diff device than usual so has some issues editing on unfamiliar device then later (after. editing typos, I added that it wasnt turnimg on but mistakenly added that info to my first comment-[BB]post/question instead of adding the not tuening on is my later replyook locharging it now -battery was also very low,so not sure if low batt is factor why not turning on. after - posted that, and it did turn on briefly but chg may be too low also so will see after it charges more
    12-29-14 11:39 AM
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    now it turns on briefly but battery is dead- is (red battery icon) low so batter IS a factor, just dont the know yet if water (also) is. it was inn a case and didnt get completely wet,so not sure yet till charged
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    Lets back up just a bit.
    How long did you put the device in the bag w/ desiccants?
    How large a quantity of desiccants?
    What type of bag?
    12-29-14 01:07 PM
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    busy holidays..forgot to come back to report that after full charge overnight it os working PERFRCTLY except display not switching from portrait view to landscape view when I turn device sideways..)..it has passed all the BBVE app tests still wpuld like to know where the moisture damage sticker is ...just to ck to see what it indicates, but I guess that indicator must be inside sonehwere I cant see?

    oh and to answer last q, o didn't leave it in baggie (in a panic at the time, I couldnt find everything I needed (such as - couldn't locate foodsaver bag quick enuf, just used regular baggie and sealed with foodsaver after adding a few dissicant (5maybe?)paks that I could find quickly
    -(then took it out after first few posts here) so Icoukd charge it
    and left charger on overnite, and its now working fine except for issue above

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    01-02-15 03:10 PM
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    For the rotation issue, double check to make sure it isn't locked:
    • Swipe down from the top from the home screen.
    • There should be a Rotation Lock icon, padlock with a circle arrow around it. If it's lit up, it's on. Tap it to toggle on/off.
    • If the icon is not there, go Settings/Quick Settings/Check the box for Rotation Lock. It will now show up as above.

    Remember, screen rotation only works in some of the apps, not for the home screen or BBM directly.

    Next time you wash your phone....

    • Remove the device from the water quickly, towel off the outside. Power it off if possible, but if it is unresponsive, don't keep trying, just go to the next step.
    • Remove the back cover, but keep with the device.
    • Remove the SIM and SD cards, set aside.
    • For removable battery devices, remove that and set aside, but be careful - WARNING: Lithium batteries/cells can spontaneously ignite if moisture makes contact with the Lithium metal inside of the cell. If the battery packaging is broke or the cell is split and material is exposed, it can violently ignite. Handle with care.
    • Get a brown paper bag, for best results, and fill half way with dry uncooked white rice. Make sure it is uncooked, we do not want to make BlackBerry Sushi
    • Bury the device and cover in the rice, close the top of the bag to keep critters out.
    • Put the bag in a dry, warm, area where it can get dry airflow. Leave the bag for four or more days, do not mess with it.
    • For the SIM and SD, towel dry those off, store in a safe place until ready to try to fire back up the device.
    • For the removable battery, towel dry it off. Inspect for damage, bubbling of the housing, cracks or breaks, and contact corrosion. If any, replace. See above warning. If OK, store in a dry cool place.
    • After four days minimum, remove the device from the rice. Wipe off any rice dust, inspect the ports on the device for rice grains or dust, blow out the ports with an canned air-blaster (be careful not to let the canned air spray out liquid), check the mini-jack headphone port for rice grains, they should tap out.
    • Inspect all connections, pins, ports, and jacks for corrosion. If present you are out of luck
    • Inspect the screen for water marks or "bleeding" on the LCD, under the "glass" of the screen. If present, the device will most likely need repair.
    • While leaving the SIM and SD out, connect the device to a charger. Reinsert the battery if applicable.
    • Let it sit on the charger for at least 20 minutes, then try to power it on.
    • If it powers up OK, run it through some tests.
    • If all seems well, power it back off and reinsert the SIM and SD, then fire it back up.
    • If all still seems well, you are in luck and may have revived your drowned device successfully.
    • If there are any glitches, hardware or seemly software wise, it may have suffered internal damage, seek repair or replacement.

    Why a paper bag and rice:
    • The paper bag is not air tight, this is important. It allows fresh dry air to get to the rice, leaching off the moisture that the rice is leaching from the device. Usually there is a paper bag or two left over from a trip to the grocery.
    • Rice is a very good, natural desiccant. It's easier to come by than Silica Gel packs, is cheaper, and is a staple in most homes. Generally one has a quantity enough to bury a device in it.
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