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    I'm in the UK and my contract is up on the 26th Aug. I was really keen (and excited!!) to get a Z30 to replace my 9900, as my missus has a Z10, which I like and was keen to get a full-touch screen this time round. However, in the last few weeks buymobiles.net (and it's sister sites) has stopped listing it , and in the last couple of days carphonewarehouse has taken it off their site too . phones4u have no BBs whatsoever, but still have the BB brand link and I notice that a couple of other sites say "out of stock" for Z30s and another says "preorder", but it does not seem to be available anywhere (except sim-free of course on Amazon etc.). What does this mean though? Is BB being phased out of the UK? And more importantly (for me!!), does this mean that I'm not going to be able to get my Z30 I was so keen to get my hands on? Or, does the fact that some sites say "out of stock/preorder" mean that it has simply been popular and sold out, and therefore the UK is waiting for a new shipment? Any (reliable) info with be very much appreciated as if I can't get a Z30, then I'm not sure what I will do come the 26th! I know it's not the end of the world, but I don't know if I will keep my 9900 on a sim-only basis, or (be forced to) change brands. However, I fear that I will not be as excited to open the box of an S5, Lumia or M8 as much I was looking forward to putting my paws on a shiny Z30. Hope someone out there has some info Many thanks in advance.
    08-10-14 06:17 AM
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    You should find at least some of the UK carriers still carry Z30, the only one I believe totally dropped the brand was EE. The others seem to carry but only listed for business accounts. However they will usually supply for personal users if you push them, particularly if there is renewal of an expiring contract in the equation.

    Also remember you don't need to jump immediately for a new contract. It might be worth waiting a week or two to see what happens with Passport and Classic which are both due soon.
    08-10-14 09:26 AM
  3. serbanescu's Avatar
    You can buy it online directly from BlackBerry: BlackBerry EU Online Store - BlackBerry Z30
    08-10-14 09:31 AM
  4. anischab's Avatar
    Have you called the costomer service of your carrier? May be not listed online but in stock somehow, unsold?? I'd go to a representant/official shop and simply ask... I got a Samsung S4mini for my whife this way! I even think the vendor managed to get it done somehow.

    BlackBerry*Q10, T-Mobile Germany - SQN100-3, Running OS
    08-10-14 09:46 AM
  5. Edward Mansfield's Avatar
    Rumour has it from several large US corporations and carriers that the Z30 is being dropped. Watch for a massive exodus from BB by the corporate sector over the next few months. This just boggles my mind. Why would a supplier launch a brand new flagship device, then pull it again barely a year later just when its starting to gain traction in the marketplace. This is especially worrying to corporate interests who are ramping up to deploy the Z30 as their chosen device, and is another big nail in Blackberry's coffin.
    10-14-14 08:51 AM

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